Welcome to the Russian Startup Rating 2012 page!

All the IT startups that completed the questionnaire completely are ranked according to the index below. The ranking within each rating was conducted according to the number of points acquired by the startup as a result of the questionnaire and expert endorsements. The company information is valid as of December 2012.

Rating Company name Description
ААА LinguaLeo Online service for studying and practicing English
ААА Zeptolab Mobile app developer
ААА CentroBit Agora Online distribution system
ААА AdEasy Self-service advertising platform
ААА Zingaya Click-to-call service
ААА Acumatica ERP cloud service developer – technologies for small and medium-sized businesses
ААА Lesnoy Dozor Forest fire monitoring system
ААА Oktogo.ru Online hotel reservation service
ААА Doktor na rabote Medical portal for doctors
ААА Rollad.ru Platform for purchasing ads on high-quality sites
ААА Travelata Online holiday booking store
ААА YouScan YouScan helps companies keep track of customer complaints and suggestions published on social media
ААА Flocktory Platform for referral marketing on social networks
ААА Oktopod Octopod helps create apps for any mobile device
ААА OneTwoTrip Online flight booking service
ААА WORKLE First official online employer
ААА Wobot Social network monitoring tool
ААА Smart Start App for searching and selecting young specialists
ААА KeyCAPTCHA Interactive spam protection with advertising opportunities
ААА Omyconf! Open platform for business event industry
ААА YouDo.com Platform for sourcing people to complete work and urgent orders
ААА Connect2me This service significantly expands the business and commercial potential of its users’ initiatives
ААА copiny.com Online customer service
АА Medkampus Portal for medical students
АА iBuildApp Mobile app creation service
АА Woodla Mobile augmented reality game
АА Jelastic Cloud hosting for new and existing Java and PHP apps
АА App in the Air Service for frequent fliers
АА Pirate Pay Service for tackling the illegal distribution of content on file sharing and torrent sites
АА Teamo Dating service for serious relationships
АА Rizzoma Real-time collaboration service
АА VitaPortal Site dedicated to health and healthy living
АА RealtimeBoard Virtual whiteboards for collaborative work
АА EasyFinance.ru Personal finance management system
АА RelevantMedia Simple and accessible answers to questions beginning with “how”
АА B-152 Personal information security and processing service
АА Whisla Targeted ad placement service
АА CDNvideo Distributed server platform for streaming video online
АА Wheely Minicab mobile app
АА PromiseUP Service for keeping promises
АА TradingView Social network for traders
АА Galargo.TV Online TV
АА My-Apps.com SAAS-service for creating mobile apps in 5 steps and 5 clicks without the need for any special knowledge or experience
АА Dish.fm Recommendation system for selecting the best dishes in any restaurant around the world
АА Travelmenu Travel agency
АА Kuznech Online visual image search
АА Domosite.ru Platform for flat residents to interact and manage the block
А Boomstarter Crowd funding platform
А InGameMedia In-game advertising
А Breffi Group Online systems for managing the effectiveness of marketing events in the medical and pharmaceutical industries
А Wishop Ad and analysis platform and social wish list
А Familyspace Family-orientated social network
А Family Ribbon Portfolio of mobile apps and services to help elderly users get online
А talkbits Local chat service
А Pryaniky Corporate motivation network
А TimeToVisit Online dental appointment service
А ActiveCloud Completely integrated platform for selling cloud services
А Recruitnet Service for communication between employers and freelance recruiters
А SocialMart Service to help select a mobile phone
А 1minute Charity service
А WhoIsCalling Mobile app for determining who a telephone number belongs to
А Buzzoola Ad platform
А SkyDNS Content filtration and online threat protection cloud service
А dialoggy Review and suggestion service
А INNOVATROOM Adaptive crowd sourcing platform
А bezpodryada Classified real estate ad service
А shmoter Women’s clothing search service
А Tulp.Ru Review and recommendation service
А inTaxi Platform for automating taxi fleet management, mobile app for ordering taxis directly
А Zvonomania.Ru Audio congratulations and prize draws for mobile phones
А Clodo Cloud hosting service
BBB Vozmite listovochku Recruitment service
BBB Planner 5D Service for creating room plans and interiors, online furniture sales platform
BBB BOSS Kontrol New time management system
BBB LeClick Comprehensive solution for automating and managing the reservation process
BBB InSales SaaS for creating internet stores
BBB Fidesys Engineering company
BBB FindTenders.ru Tender search system
BBB VPuti Service for finding travel companions
BBB ePythia Courier management service for online stores and courier companies
BBB Gmbox.ru Gaming website
BBB PayTels Mobile payments
BBB Travolver Service for creating well-visualized scripts for individual trips
BBB Plan B media CPA advertising
BBB Oh My Stats Marketing analytics service for online stores
BBB Likehack Personalized content aggregator
BBB AnalizMarket Information about all the types of analyses that can be conducted in CIS labs
BBB glomper.com Private Social Network
BBB Printio Personalized goods store where users can create their own design online
BBB Universitet v karmane Educational service
BBB MiniBanda.ru Social network for parents
BBB Alpha Smart Systems Human Reader
BBB Studia 52 Photobook studio
BBB Uploadcare Service allowing web and mobile app developers to quickly and simply receive files from users
BBB Assis.ru Property management service
BB ITmozg Online IT specialist recruitment
BB МТТМ Public housing control
BB Starlook.ru Women’s shopping community
BB vamvamvam.ru Digital assistant for helping mothers choose products, services and entertainment for children
BB Corporation Pistl Website building service
BB bright box Mobile and web business solutions
BB MED-info Medical website
BB Wizee Shopping Shopping mall navigation service
BB Sonda Pro Rapid fingerprint identification
BB JagaJam.com Statistics and analysis service for social media communities
BB Balakam Search and recommendation system for webcasts
BB Sebro Search optimization service exchange
BB Alytics Tool for increasing sales using contextual advertising
BB DaOffice Corporate social network for internal collaborative work
BB Gostinets Hotel bonus scheme
BB Kormovozoff.Ru Pet food delivery service
BB Fitting Reality Virtual changing room
BB Onthelist.ru Private club for successful people
BB Sand Sign Service for sending sand sign messages
BB CrazyBuyer.ru Social network dedicated to products
BB jetwant Car purchase and sales service
BB Boommy.ru Social network for trendy people and things
BB CloudsMechanics Innovative projects for the mass market
BB AKOGDA.COM TV series tracking service
B PRINTOGRAM.me Service for printing instagram photos on canvases, posters and pocket-sized polaroid photos
B Surfingbird Webpage recommendation service
B Restorados.ru Restorados – the Google of the restaurant world
B Golosovaya Biometriya Software platform for voice biometrics and application software
B rutuner.fm Modern telephone service
B Nalogia Tax procedure simplification service
B Appnbox Contextual app builder for all mobile platforms
B RealSpeaker Visual extension for audio speech recognition systems
B RenderMama Cloud render farm based on Russian super computers
B Endorphin Social scoring platform for searching for experts and professionals
B Hello World Innovation service
B interior.pro interior.pro unites participants in the interior design, furniture equipment and decorative material markets
B LifePay Mobile payment acceptance service
B ZOOM Software development to order
B Ay da Master! SaaS for calculating the thermo efficiency of housing construction
B RocketBank.ru Mobile banking
B Teleskidka Loyalty program for sellers
B Juplin Online real-time musical rehearsal service
B future-answer Predicting the future based on the semantic movement of queries on the net
B TracksFlow.com Music service
B Avtolot Car repair selection service
B Eltechs Cross platform virtualization system development
B Interactiff Dialog system and interactive non-linear quest builder
B Tsifrovoi avtograf Social network for authors
CCC SeeksPack App for beginners requiring supervision and tips
CCC virtmoda Online fitting room
CCC 2can Mobile payment acceptance service
CCC BilliBox BilliBox stores users’ purchase history by photographing receipts and storing them on the phone
CCC SON zapis online Online hairdresser appointment service
CCC ToCouple Quick and easy dating service
CCC The Twi Journal Newspaper comprised of Russian tweets
CCC Fotoffer Fotоffer specializes in selling images
CCC TwitterPost Personalized selection of the best Twitter retweets
CCC Lovey App for lovers
CCC Do.Docs Office environment for new companies
CCC SailPlay Mobile store loyalty program app
CCC imobbiz Platform for all mobile devices
CCC KloudPics Service that combines all a user’s photos in one app
CCC Smartcourier Cloud service for automated courier deliveries
CCC ADPEPS Mobile device ad placements
CCC Askbook Service that answers any question
CCC Start-upMarket Crowd funding site for startups
CCC TZGen.ru Free service for drawing up technical website specifications
CCC CommandSpot.com Service for operating devices remotely online
CCC IGoOk Social network for people of all ages
CCC EasySize Service for measuring clothes sizes
CCC Trek Servis Intelligent system for planning and analyzing the efficiency of road transport
CCC Simple tour Telephone selection service
CC Ineedcar Car rental selection service
CC i-logbook innovative infomedia that enables interaction among all the participants of the educational process in the US
CC Votepoler Quick and simple way of creating an online competition, survey or poll
CC Rootexx System integrator for the automation of part of the online commerce chain
CC FreesBee Exchange for part-time projects
CC Medinfon.ru Pharmacy and hospital directory
CC Arendorium Short-term leasing service
CC Trilldy.com Social publishing platform
CC Projety Network combining private and corporate IT resources to tackle tasks of any complexity
CC Happy retailer E-commerce platform
CC WebHealth Remote automated health biomonitoring system
CC KudaPotratil.ru Personal finance management service
CC GAMMA Automated vk.com ad service
CC Meridian Music player for VKontakte audio archive
CC Azbuka irg MMO game
CC TREGO.TRAVEL Social trip planning service
CC ermarka.ru Property ad service
CC Feedbacker Local feedback
CC Foozaka Creative and humorous computer game
CC TVME.ru Video content aggregator with ad engine
CC Orgap Service for selling online tickets and concert ads
CC TootFM Player that generates playlists based on the preferences of Mashuop Foursquare & Last.fm users
CC Social Lms Educational social platform
CC Otkroi Kitai Service for studying Chinese

Unfortunately, Dnevnik.ru was not included in the rating because it did not meet our criteria (the company employs over 100 people).


119072, Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, str.3

+7 (495) 003–16–16
+7 (985) 766–19–25