RVC is a longstanding partner of Digital October and supports events aimed at the development of the Russian innovation ecosystem and technological entrepreneurship, as well as technology conferences, education, media and club events.

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Director, Innovation Support and Social Programs, RVC board member.

"Innovations are very fickle, they only develop in an environment that's rich with ideas, talent and full of freedom. To transform the country into a creative powerhouse would be ideal. However, creating centers that provide people with the right atmosphere is more realistic. This is the environment that Digital October has achieved; it motivates people and lets them keep their finger on the pulse of the global innovation industry. We are glad to be involved with this fantastic team and venue."

Supported events:

Educational projects

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iTraining is a partner of the New Professions Lab, one dedicated to big data, and help the center find tutors who understand the ins and outs of clients from Europe, Asia, and the US. The company is also responsible for the program and educational process.

Konstantin Kondratiouk

CEO at iTraining.ru

«We have been working on IT education since 2008, but the project with Digital October will be new for us, both as an experience and for the level to which we will be responsible for the result. Together we will launch an innovative course that implements global best practices and is aimed at resolving concrete business cases and the future application of what we learn. Join us; it will be interesting!».

Supported events:

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Tekmi is the technical partner of October Evolution, the interactive web project jointly produced by the Digital October center and Beeline.

Kirill Grosh

General Director of Tekmi

«For us collaboration with Digital October is both a challenge and an opportunity to create a really innovative service. In addition to the video calling we set up a number of other possibilities for the audience and team of October Evolution: Facebook authorization, easy operator interface with the ability to organize calls in order, as well as video and phone connections with the experts. Each of these cutting edge developments will be put to good use in our major product Virtual Office».

Supported events:

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In 2012-2013 VimpelCom acted as a strategic partner of the Digital October center. This partnership was aimed at developing relations with the technology community, as well as sharing progressive ideas and testing Beeline's innovative technological solutions.
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Andrey Patoka

Vice President of Corporate Business Development at VimpelCom

"Digital October is accepted as the most innovative center for exchanging ideas. Therefore, partnership with DO gave us the opportunity to get in touch with the professional technology community, test our innovations, as well as receive feedback and new ideas to develop the products and services offered by Beeline."

Supported events:

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Jared Firth

Jared Firth is a professional RU>EN translator leveraging his specialties in advertising, marketing, and international relations to provide value to major companies both in Russia and abroad. In addition, he is the director of Worldwide English Services, an innovative US-based startup providing English lessons online.


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