Startup Hour

Is it true that the concept only accounts for 10% of your project’s success? What do you need to do to make sure that it works? How do your competitors set up their business models? And will the stars of Russian business be able to work together on a common project with limited resources and tight deadlines?

You’ll find answers to all of these crucial entrepreneurial questions in “October Evolution”, a video project from the Digital October Center, produced with the generous support of our strategic partner, Beeline.

“October Evolution” is an interactive practicum designed to help you create an online business out of thin air.

In this live broadcast, three successful entrepreneurs – industry gurus with a number of major projects under their belts – will take you on a journey that starts with just the seed of an idea and ends with a fully viable, investment-ready project, one certain to spark the interest of users and investors alike.

Each session features new players and a new aspect of the market to be conquered. All that stays the same are the hard-and-fast rules of our project: relying on help from our audience members, we have only an hour to come up with a viable project concept.

Audience members and online viewers alike will find themselves taking an active part in project creation. Their help allows us to do in an hour what usually takes weeks, even months to achieve. Evaluating project viability, performing market analysis, determining and calculating key indicators, quickly searching out answers to our experts’ questions: all this lies in the hands of our capable viewers. To help the experts, all you have to do is post on Twitter using the hashtag #1startup.

At the end of each program, the emcees will launch a new “evolutionary crowdfunding” project:

an online vote that allows viewers to rate the “investibility” of a project and say whether or not they’d be interested in using it.

Successful evolution depends on the quality of your genetic code, which is why you should take an active part in our October Evolution. Maybe your project will turn out to be the tastiest one in the bunch, the one that takes Russian business to the next level!

If you would like to take part in a studio taping feel free to fill out an application on the project’s page.


October Evolution, episode 6: Future of Online Education


October Evolution, episode 5. Future of Video Content


October Evolution, episode 4


October Evolution, episode 3. Mobile Revolution


October Evolution, episode 2


October Evolution, episode 1



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