Digital October became a Satellite Partner of General Assembly

February 4, 2013

In February 2013, Digital October became a Satellite Partner of General Assembly (GA).

GA is one of the fastest growing global technology networks and organizes educational events for entrepreneurs across the world. In addition to Moscow, a further 13 cities including New York, Berlin, London, Paris and Tel Aviv, participate in the project.

In 2011, four friends Brad Hargreaves, Adam Pritzker, Matthew Brimer, and Jake Schwartz, received a small grant from the New York City Economic Development Corp. They used this money to create a venue where their fellow online entrepreneurs, designers and engineers could meet and share their experience. After only one year, GA had led to a significant growth in the New York startup movement.

The project organized short educational courses, often only lasting one evening, led by renowned web development, business and design experts. This simple yet ingenious idea attracted tens of thousands of listeners and GA seminars spread across the world. Investors also decided to get in on the action, including giants of the venture business such as Yuri Milner (DST Global), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who have invested a total of over $14 million.

GA events usually last around three hours. They include an online workshop led by famous New York lecturers, live chat with leading specialists from Russian technology companies, as well as Happy Hour, in which guests can chat with each other and the guest lecturers in an informal environment. All English is translated and the number of spaces is limited. The entrance fee costs between 300 and 1,000 rubles.

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