A “Startup Alley” Exhibit Will Take Place in the Framework of TechCrunch Moscow 2012

November 10, 2012

The “Startup Alley” exhibit will be held for the first time on December 9 and 10 in the Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship in the framework of the international IT conference TechCrunch Moscow 2012. This event presents young and beginning entrepreneurs in the area of IT and cellular applications with the possibility to present their projects to the expert community and potential investors, partners, and clients. At the exhibit it will be possible to find not only an investor, but also to obtain necessary information on the market and acquire connections and useful contacts.

The “Startup Alley” exhibit will take place in the course of two days of the conference TechCrunch Moscow 2012. Entrepreneurs will present prototypes of their products that are based on innovations in the area of IT and cellular applications developed in the last three years to a jury of experts, international investors, and the press. One of the basic conditions of the exhibit is that the startups participating in it must have attracted no more than $3 million in investment in the time of their existence.

The whole area of the Digital October center will be a venue for interaction between entrepreneurs and experts. For the presentation of his project, each participant will receive a set of exhibition tools consisting of a plasma screen and a presentation table. In this way, the TechCrunch Moscow 2012 conference will offer beginning businessmen a rostrum for speaking, technical means for showing their ideas, and an interested audience of the more than 900 participants in the conference. These will include representatives of the expert community: Media Director of SUP Anton Nosik, General Director of Yandex Arkady Volozh, founder of the Team Europe foundation Lukasz Gadowski, founder of Lastminute.com and Mydeco.com Brent Hoberman, Representative of the Board of Directors of Mail.Ru Group Dmitry Grishin, Senior Partner of the Runa Capital foundation Sergei Belousov, Managing Director of Kayak Europe Christian Saller, and representatives of the EBRD and the US’ oldest venture fund Bessemer Venture Partners, branches of which work in Silicon Valley, New York, Massachusetts, Israel, and India.

At the present time, work is continuing on working out the list of participants in “Startup Alley.” Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2012; the last participants must register by 23:59 Moscow time. Follow news on the event on the website tc.digitaloctober.ru, as well as on Digital October’s page on Facebook.

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