Three professions for Russia's tomorrow at TechCrunch Moscow

December 9, 2013

Today's digital labor market requires a new type of professional – a «doer», selling his skills instead of time. While the IT industry brims with skilled managers, people who know platforms, toolkits and how to apply them are few and far between. No university can churn out graduates of this caliber – at least, in Russia.

On December 9, Yulia Lesnikova, Director of Eduational Projects at Digital October, announced New Professions Lab – a project that will teach professions of tomorrow – at TechCrunch Moscow, Russia's main conference on the future of digital world. Courses are set to kick off in February-March 2014, under the patronage of NPL's first partners: Coursera and PRUFFI.

Short, 3-4 month long, educational programmes will allow top Russian and international companies to save on staff training, while course attendees will get relevant knowledge and practical skills, along with a chance to show their worth.

«We are not planning to teach yesterday's graduates, who just want to be 'generally smart'. Our candidates will be handpicked according to their achievements in relevant fields. The market needs such professionals, but there's also something in it for us – we will act both as students and teachers in these courses,» added Dmitry Repin, CEO of Digital October.

Application details will be released in the coming days. First courses will train online education producers, growth hackers and big data specialists. New Professions Lab will employ blended learning methodology, with 3 in-person classes per week.

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