Russian Business Leaders of the Year

April 23, 2012

The organizers of the international conference Business Meeting 2012 in Luxembourg named Dmitry Repin, CEO of the Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship, the Russian business leader of the year for his contribution to developing entrepreneurship and high technologies.

The annual international conference Global Russia Meeting took place for the third time. The organizers of the conference were the international organization Horasis, The Global Vision Community, and Luxembourg for Business. More than 300 heads of leading Russian and foreign companies, ministries and departments, and investment funds and banks took part in the conference. The main theme of the conference was "The Globalization of Russian Enterprises." In the framework of separate sessions, international investors, Russian and European political leaders, and heads of Russian and international corporations discussed the opportunities and problems of both contemporary Russia and the world as a whole.

One of the key events of the Global Business Meeting was the awarding of three representatives of the Russian business society for making the greatest contributions to integrating the Russian and world economies. This year, an international jury awarded the title of Russia Business Leader of the Year to Dmitry Repin, CEO of the Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship; Anastasia Vysotkina, CEO of the Regent holding; and Salavat Rezbaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of New Age Capital Partners Ltd.

Dmitry Repin stated that "wide dissemination of the ideas of entrepreneurship is a necessary condition and prerequisite for economic growth and the competitiveness of the Russian economy. High technologies are the most fertile soil for these ideas, as this industry provides innovators with unlimited opportunities for bringing technical and business ideas to life and for quickly seeking investors and a way onto the international market. I am glad that we have been able to create something like Digital October, which is unique not only for Russia, but for the world as a whole, and which has become a venue for interaction, cooperation, and growth for Russian and foreign high-technology companies."

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