The Best Startups of Russia and Belarus Gather at API Moscow

October 6, 2013

From October 6th-19th, semi-finalists of the BIT Competition, representing the finest young tech teams of Russia and Belarus, will gather at the API Moscow accelerator to work together with experienced mentors (including famous entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants) in developing the ‘packaging’ of their projects. This event will take place as part of the second phase of Generation S, the training and acceleration program.

Our Center acts as a organizational partner for this program, which is a joint initiative of Russian Venture Capital, the Moscow Center for Innovative Development, and the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship.

Generation S is a multi-step program. In September, 70 teams became acquainted with its introductory element: Elena Masolova (Eduson), Lyubov Simonova (Almaz Capital), Mikhail Lyalin (ZeptoLab), Vitaliy Bykov (Red Keds), Pavel Shinkarenko (Seneschal Neyman), and many others visited API to conduct 13 distance seminars on business modeling, registration, and deal-making for startups, as well as searching for investors and relevant development strategies.

All of these lectures and seminars will be part of a

free video course for tech entrepreneurs

that will soon become available and which will be added to regularly.

The September portion of the program was offered online. Most participants watched the seminars via live broadcast, though they were given the option to come in to the accelerator at Red October and interact with the experts in person. In October, on-site participation became mandatory.

Each day of the second stage will be dedicated to a particular step in project development. It will be full of valuable meetings, master classes, and individual consultations. By October 19th, mentors will have helped the participants develop their projects to the point where they would be interesting to investors. The program will also include contact with key players on the Russian venture capital market, infrastructure organizations, and foreign gurus via live link-up.

Generation S’s most successful participants will be determined in the days leading up to November 1st, and will be named at the conclusion of the “Open Innovations” forum.

The first round of finalists in this training and accelerator program will be offered a continuation of the program, during which they will work together with business experts to develop their projects. There is also a prize pool of 5 million rubles that will be distributed amongst the projects.

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