The results of an internet broadcast of votes in the elections in regions of Russia

October 16, 2012

The situation center created for technical support of internet broadcasting of the elections that took place in Russia on October 14 has finished its operation. The elections for legislative and executive government bodies were watched by 4.6 million people. The situation center was created by the Digital October group in partnership with OAO Rostelecom in the Digital October center of new technologies. The purpose of creating such a center was to monitor the technical condition of the system of video broadcasting of the elections and provide consulting and technical help to the operators of hardware-software complexes (HSCs).

For broadcasting of the voting on October 14, the same hardware-software solutions were used as for the broadcasting of the presidential elections in March, 2012. The developers of the software platform introduced changes into it that increased the general reliability of the system, and also updated the equipment drivers. The total number of locales in which video cameras were functioning was 5288. Broadcasts from them were available on the website, on which any user of any of several popular social networks could register. The number of locales from which video broadcasts could be watched was unlimited.

The video cameras at the locations were turned on at 23:00 local time to carry out testing. During the course of testing by specialists at the situation center, an automated array of tests were launched for determination of the effectiveness of the HSC and communication lines and for checking the course of transmission of video information to data-processing centers, and testing was carried out of broadcasting from cameras at locales on the website In the course of testing, more than 10 thousand tests were carried out. Around 90 instances of troubleshooting took place, which were fixed by the beginning of voting. At 8:00 local time, when the UIKs began their work, the system was shifted from a testing regime to a working regime.

In the course of the elections of October 14, no serious technical problems took place connected with the video broadcasts. At one locale, one of two cameras malfunctioned and was then replaced by Rostelecom specialists in the course of an hour.

All in all, almost 4.6 million people watched the elections on October 14. The most active were residents of Moscow and Moscow oblast, the share of which came to 19.6%. The polling areas of the city of Khimki in Moscow oblast without question were in the lead in terms of number of simultaneous viewings beginning from 8:00 Moscow time. UIK no. 3008 in Khimki was the most popular locale among internet users all in all. The overall length of the video recordings that were archived in data-processing centers comes to 26 years. The procedure of accessing the video archives is defined by the corresponding regulations and rules of the CEC and Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications.

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