DO TV: Five Minutes of Magic at TC Moscow 2013

December 9, 2013

Dmirty Repin, CEO of the Digital October Center, took main TechCrunch Moscow stage on Dec. 9th to announce the ideal format for internet broadcasting to educated people.

DO TV will be a place where they can learn first hand in just 3-5 minutes about leading ideas in the fields of technology, science, and business (there are more than 30 topic tags), and be able to learn and teach simultaneously using the playlist and recommendation systems. Its English version will become available soon.

What does Mark Zuckerberg think about Russian developers? Is there a robot in the world so human-like that it is indistinguishable from its inventor? Can a brand be created prior to the product that it personifies?

This will most likely be of interest to many. However, life’s fast past will dictate that the answers to the most unexpected questions should not only be found quickly; they should also be short. Otherwise, people will lose interest or the relevance of the topic will fade.

In order to provide enough involvement for those who are just discovering new information for themselves and instantaneous access to subject matter expertise for those who are already developing in a given area, DO TV and its compact smart videos were created.

Launching its own internet TV was a logical step for the center, as it has hosted approximately 1500 events in the past three years that have been in one way or another related to work on the front lines of innovation.

The first DO TV offerings are 80 weblink lectures with the geniuses of modernity at Knowledge Stream, although hundreds of hours of material (with leading foreign experts and their Russian colleagues who are known globally) were transformed into short clips featuring the most important moments. By the end of the year the resource will be loaded with videos from the Russian start-up conferences put on by the popular tech blog TechCrunch.

To make searches easier, all the content is already broken down into thematic streams: as an example, bio-tech is separate from branding, while case studies from different industries, on the other hand, are easy to find using just one tag word.

Soon clips on the site will be even easier to use and share. With our new functionality (launching at the beginning of 2014), you will not just have free access to the most relevant information. First, the videos you need will always be near at hand, as you will be able to save an unlimited number of them in an unlimited number of playlists. Second, you will be able to try your skill on DO TV as a mentor for your friends and social network followers by sharing your playlists with them.

Third, it will be possible to exploit the recommendations of the experts, as key Russian specialists from each of the offered topics will create their own lists of interesting clips along with you.

The development of this project is not only supported by separate key figures; it is also supported by major organizations. Three well-known companies have already decided to invest in the areas of DO TV that meet the demands of their audiences.

For instance, Intel, a company famous for its innovativeness, has directed its efforts at training a new generation of entrepreneurs and is already running the “start-up” tag for video recommendations from the founders of major western accelerators, tech parks, and companies, as well as the authors of business best-sellers.

HeadHunter, one of the largest Russian recruiting portals and one that is also developing informative services for HR professionals and those looking for work, is using the “career” tag.

The Russian Venture Company is helping with the release of DO TV, seeing as how many of the topics brought up in the resource are related to their work.

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