Digital October Releasing TechCrunch Moscow 2013 Playlist

December 8, 2013

TC Moscow 2013 Photostream

For that reason Peter Tatischev, curator of the Digital October Center, producer of the first European DEMO, and one of the producers of the currently ongoing TC Moscow, asked the most experienced event speakers to spend some time talking to him about what direction the world is taking in the area of technology and venture investment.

The interviews, which come right on the heels of their speeches, will be posted on December 8-9.

Episode 1. Big Data Revolution

Adeo Rossi, founder of the education and acceleration program the Founder Institute, forecasts the development of the industry for the upcoming future and speaks about the unique qualities displayed by Russian entrepreneurs as well as, needless to say, big data.

Episode 2. Money on the Table!

Event hosts Mike Butcher (TechCrunch Europe) and Edward Shenderovich (Kite Ventures) will offer advice as to how to find an investor, talk about their impressions of the start-ups at TechCrunch Moscow 2013, and offer to bet on a very specific and easily understandable market.

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