Digital October and Beeline Business Have Opened a Modern Media Center

November 2, 2012

The Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship and OAO VimpelCom (Beeline Business) have opened a new, modern media center, the Beeline Digital Press Room, in the framework of their strategic partnership. The media center has been supplied with all the necessary technologies for carrying out press conferences and briefings, presentations, round tables, plenary sessions, video conferences, talk shows, and telebridges.

The Beeline Digital Press Room is located on the territory of the Digital October center. It is an isolated locale with an area of 95 square meters with an amphitheater with seating for up to 90 guests, an area for speakers, a registration area and an equipment room. The center is furnished with a central video wall of 16 seamless 46-inch HD panels and two lateral video walls made out of four of the same kind of panels, teleprompters for speakers, and professional light and sound equipment for carrying out filming. The possibilities of the media center allow video cameras to be remotely controlled and ensure conditions for simultaneous interpretation. Digicast engineers equip the press center and provide support for the event. Wi-Fi is available in the media center.

Any event held in the Beeline Digital Press Room can be broadcast live in standard or high-definition resolution both on the website of the Digital October center and on any other websites, both in Russia and abroad, accompanied with several audio tracks in various languages. Digicast, the tech partner of Digital October, film the event and set up a webcast.

Andrei Patoka, vice president of corporate-business development of VimpelCom, says that “Digital October is seen today as the most innovative center for exchanging state-of-the-art ideas. Therefore, partnership with DO means, first and foremost, the possibility of interacting with professionals of the technological community, testing of our innovative solutions, and receiving feedback and new ideas for developing Beeline Business products and services. We are sure that the new Beeline Digital Press Room center will become a worthy venue for innovative companies, including many of our clients and partners.”

General Director of the Digital October center Dmitry Repin says that “we plan to use the media center as an area for testing and adoption of the newest technologies for organizing and carrying out events. Many of these technologies will be used for the first time not only in Russia, but in the world. We see that there is great interest from the side of the media and our partners not only in the Digital October venue, but also in the new formats that we are developing. The media center will allow our possibilities for selecting a format to be increased so as to deliver proper content to the proper audience in the most effective way.”

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