The audience of Knowledge Stream has surpassed 100 thousand people

June 8, 2012

The audience of the Knowledge Stream remote-education project has surpassed 100 thousand people. The project consists in a series of public lectures by leading world scholars and entrepreneurs for Russian young people and community of experts that is freely accessible and broadcast on the internet. The project is being carried out by the Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship along with Rostelecom and with the support of the Russian Venture Company.

At present, 32 lectures have been held that have been attended by more than 14,500 people in the framework of Knowledge Stream. An average lecture at the Digital October center is visited by from 400 to 500 people, predominately students, scholars, and young entrepreneurs. The total number of unique users that have viewed lectures on the Knowledge Stream website has surpassed 92,800 people. The average number of views of each lecture on the internet comes to more than 5 thousand, and this indicator is continuing to grow.

The Knowledge Stream remote-education project was launched in fall of 2011 by the Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship along with Rostelecom and with the support of the Russian Venture Company. The project was presented at the Petersburg International Economic Forum. The goal of the project was provide a Russian audience with easy access to the latest technological innovations and global scientific developments with practical applications.

The project is a series of interactive video conferences in a telebridge format with the most demanded scholars and specialists all over the world. Professors from the universities of Harvard, Liverpool, Berkeley, Princeton, and Stanford; creators and heads of successful commercial projects, business schools, and venture funds; and writers of bestsellers on the economy and Founding Fathers of Silicon valley have spoken before a Russian audience. The schedule of lecturers is set up a year ahead, but such a format allows a talk to be organized in a form that is maximally comfortable for the audience and lecturer. In May 2012 alone, lectures were devoted to discoveries and new technologies in the areas of medicine, communications, physics of elementary particles, architecture, and business management.

Knowledge Stream’s program consists of several series built around a single theme, the number of which is always on the increase. The series Biotechnology, Future Communications, Future Media, Sport Technologies, Lifestyle, Technological Trends, Futurology: The Future of the Future, and The Economics of Happiness are available for Knowledge Stream’s listeners.

Broadcasting of the telebridge takes place in a Digital October hall and on the website in HD quality. Lectures are accompanied by panel discussions with the participation of Russian experts in a given area of science and technology who come together in the Digital October hall. Representatives of sector companies, entrepreneurs, venture investors, and researchers and aficionados who possess the relevant experience and expertise are invited to every lecture to serve as experts. Everyone who is present at the lecture and wishes to do so can also pose questions to the lecturers and experts. Attending Knowledge Stream lectures is free of charge and must be registered ahead of time.

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