We can easily organize a beautiful event of any size at Digital October.

We offer:

Conference hall, press center, 5 lecture rooms, and a restaurant, each capable of accommodating major international forums, as well as modestly sized seminars; each space can be adjusted and equipped to fit any given format and audience, from a few dozen to a few hundred people.

A wide array of options for branding and non-traditional promotions: displays on the seamless HD panels located throughout the entire center, individually produced computer graphics and TV-quality videos, and more.

An individual approach: personal event managers, as well as a strong team of technical specialists capable of carrying out any task.

High technical standards: TV-quality broadcasts and filming, complete with production, editing, and simultaneous interpretation, on-site, high-speed Wi-Fi capable of handling up to 500 users at once, and all the necessary equipment for presentations.

A convenient location in the city center at Red October.

As well as Digital October’s unique experience in partnering with major Western formats.

You can download a detailed description of what Digital October has to offer here.

You can join us without leaving the comfort of your own browser.



Capacity 360 persons. Floor space 350 sq. m


Capacity 90 persons. Floor space 90 sq. m


Capacity 120 persons. Floor space 110 sq. m


Capacity 50-160 persons. Floor space from 45 sq. m

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Capacity 700 persons. Floor space 800 sq. m


Capacity 400 persons. Floor space 300 sq. m


119072, Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, str.3

+7 (495) 003–16–16
+7 (985) 766–19–25