Feedback January: Running on Rakes!

January 27 – 24, 2012, 18:30

Many people start a new life in the new year. Some quit smoking, while others decide to start a business of their own. In the sea of ideas and opportunities – whether a mobile application, or a multifunctional service or a new networking crowdsourcing platform – all startups have in common one thing, or rather one questions that every new entrepreneur should ask himself or herself:

"What should I do to make my product blow up the market?"

Some of you nodded profoundly in agreement and hurried up to participate in this year’s first Feedback at Digital October on January 27.

Egor Danilov, Product Director of web-portal, shared his experience in creating excellent services. One week after its release, IVI had made quite much splash on the Runet. Egor told about the most common mistakes and troubles that developers faced at different stages of their projects, and will answered the main question: how to create a service to be proud of. It was also discussed how to set priorities, work with analytical data and test your products.

After Egor’s speech, listeners had an opportunity to ask him any questions they liked and surely took advantage of it. During the second part of the event, the authors of selected projects told about themselves and got feedback from participants.

Feedback is supported by Russian Venture Company and Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship.


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