Meeting of the White Jaguar Senior Editors’ Club

September 22, 2011, 19:00


On September 22nd, the fourth meeting of the White Jaguar Senior Editors’ Club was held at the Digital October Center on the topic, “Science and Technology.”

The meeting was attended by staff from well-known publications and leading television and radio programs: Andrei Kolesnikov, editor-in-chief of Russian Pioneer magazine and columnist for the newspaper Kommersant; Alexander Pikulenko, commentator for radio station Ekho Moskvy; Mikhail Leontiev, head of the television program Odnako and editor-in-chief of the magazine of the same name; Alexander Kobenko, editor-in-chief of Cars magazine; Alexander Zheleznyak, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveller; and Nikolai Uskov, editor-in-chief of GQ magazine. Sergei Apresov, editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics, served as moderator.

The conversation addressed the role of science and technology in modern society. Participants discussed:

  • - Is a technogenic society a threat to nature and people? Is the “collider danger” real?
  • - Why do people need technology: for knowledge or for entertainment? How does information overload affect people’s quest for self-improvement?
  • - Why have we stopped dreaming about other planets? Is exploring other planets the only option for developing civilization and saving it from reaching a social and economic dead end?

The live broadcast and recordings of previous meetings can be found on the project’s official website and on the “Theory and Practice” page.

The Senior Editors’ Club is part of a media project by the Jaguar Company called “The Age of the White Jaguar.” The project is dedicated to how the company envisions the coming millennium. More information can be found on the site:


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