Wearables: Passing Fad or Revolution?

May 30, 2014, 20:00 meetup

The market for smart devices is one of the most fascinating trends in the global IT industry. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen smart watches, glasses, bracelets, athletic trackers, and many others. And the influence of wearable gadgets just keeps on growing: Google Glass, for example, has gained popularity even amongst people who’ve never worn it.

Experts will gather at the Digital October Center to discuss the finer points of this new technological phenomenon: are smart gadgets just a passing fad or will they earn a permanent place in our everyday lives?

The guest of honor will be Rob Rueckert, Managing Director of Wearables and New Devices at Intel Capital. During his time working at the fund, he has invested in over a dozen promising projects, which were subsequently acquired by Microsoft, American Express, Cisco, Oracle, and other titans of business. Along with Dmitry Repin, CEO of the Digital October Center, Rob Rueckert will discuss the implications of wearable electronics. 

Over the course of his talk, Rueckert will touch on the following themes:

  • the future of wearable electronics over the next few years
  • the attraction the new market holds for investors and startups alike
  • the risks facing entrepreneurs looking to start working in this niche market
  • the secrets to succeeding in the world of smart devices


Anyone is welcome to attend this event, but we ask that you let us know that you’re coming beforehand by sending an e-mail to nk@digitaloctober.com. You can also register using the form on this website. You can find out more about the Intel Capital Fund here or by subscribing to @Intelcapital.

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