Wake Up Digital: Crisis Under Control

December 11, 2014, 09:00 conference

On December 11 the Digital October Center will run Wake Up Digital: Crisis Under Control.

A devaluating ruble, economic sanctions, and falling oil prices are all precursors of yet another crisis, something that directly impacts the business sector. Companies are already cutting their 2015 marketing budgets, pulling back from long-term planning, and moving toward a reactionary policy focusing on changes in the surrounding environment. The experience of 1998 and 2008 shows that crisis is a time when professionals need practical tools.

Wake Up Digital: Crisis Under Control is a marketing practicum that reacting to the chatter going on among marketing specialists. Instead of the theory and forecasts packing news feeds and conferences, the experience of Rambler&Co, IBM, Daily Profit, and My-Apps.com will teach marketing specialists from the top 50 companies in Russia how to effectively wield the crisis management tools they have at their disposal for digital marketing.

While the event is free of charge, prior registration is required.

Translated by Jared Firth


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