Graduation for the Entrepreneurs of FI Moscow

May 27, 2014, 19:00

This graduation, which features individuals who have decided to create the company of their dreams this very year, will take place on the evening of May 27th at the Digital October Center.

Guests of this open event will have the opportunity to see the first public presentations of five different projects: GetDram, Visiville, “Play Online”, InLearno, and PREZZ.TV. There will be plenty of time to speak to invited industry experts, investors, mentors, and FI alumni on a formal, as well as informal, basis.

You’ll also hear an announcement that will change the face of Moscow’s startup community. Admission is free – you can register with one click of the mouse by using your Facebook account. Just indicate how many people will be coming with you if you’re planning on bringing anyone along. See you at DO!

About Program Admissions

Currently, FI Moscow is the most successful of the 60 branches of this international network of “CEO accelerators”. A second round of admissions for the program was announced last December. Over the course of two months, people interested in finding and developing an idea into a first draft of a product with the help of their more experienced  colleagues had the opportunity to attend open houses with mentors and submit their applications for the training program.

Only 10% of applicants were offered admission to the program, and only 1 in 4 made it through the three months of intensive independent work, seminars, practically oriented exercises, and deadlines that followed, all without leaving their current day jobs.

Participants were weeded out over the course of their training. In addition to the weekly master classes and seminars outlining the 14 steps necessary to creating a company, the class schedule included several meetings during which mentors evaluated the progress of each individual participant. Individuals who had fallen behind were given the chance to leave the program while maintaining the possibility of returning next semester.

The last step FI participants take before graduation is to register their company in the United States. This automatically grants them access to FI’s network of business contacts throughout the world. Once more, not everyone decided to go through with this step. At the end of the day, the six people and five projects that had garnered the faith of 45 experts were left standing.

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