Pan-Russian Business Conference

January 31 – February 1, 2015, 10:00 conference

On January 31st, the Digital October Center will begin its two-day long Pan-Russian business conference. Participants will learn about the latest trends and technologies in business management and will have the opportunity to meet potential partners and investors.

The conference will feature experts from various sectors of business, from Internet marketing and consulting to medicine, media, and retail. They will discuss:

  • how to make a startup popular, how to find one’s niche, and how to hire quality workers
  • how to save on advertising in a crisis
  • how to improve sales and stay away from competition
  • how to make sales during public presentations
  • how to hold negotiations with important people
  • the secrets to anti-crisis management


The presenters will include Andrey Parabellum, one of the most highly paid business coaches in Russia, Vladimir Marinovich, the General Director of Get Taxi, and Kirill Gotovtsev, the head of PA at Maniaco.

Event participants will forge new business connections, gain a great deal of useful information, and enjoy entertainment and gifts from the presenters. You can learn more about the conference’s program and register to participate on the event’s official website.  


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