Awarding the Cloud 2012 Prize

October 18, 2012, 18:00 award ceremony


On October 18 in the Digital October center, results were announced and winners were awarded of the Cloud 2012 prize given for achievements in the area of developing and popularizing SaaS technologies in Russia.

Cloud 2012 is a segment award for achievements in the area of developing and popularizing SaaS technologies in Russia, creation of a progressive SaaS community on Runet, and demonstrating domestic developments and achievements in the sphere of “cloud technologies.”

Carrying out this contest helps the development of high-technology and innovative small and mid-sized business in Russia, the search for new and talented IT teams, and increasing the investment attractiveness of the Russian market of information-communications technologies.

Applications for the competition for the prize began to be accepted starting on September 1, 2012, and the voting took place form October 1 to 15.

The Cloud 2012 prize was given in the following categories:

  • “Clouds for Business” — for development and working out of the best solutions implemented in the b2b area;
  • “Clouds for Users” — for simplicity, convenience, and most comfortable existence in a cloud of the end user;
  • “Clouds and Science” — for scientific works, findings, and research significantly contributing to the field of SaaS;
  • “A Cellular Cloud” — de facto, every cellular application in one way or another uses “cloud” solutions. The award spotlights the best developments and most original solutions in this area;
  • “Clouds for the Government” — for implementation of the best solution on the governmental level;
  • “Cloud Startup of the Year” — the team/project/company that has most impressively developed in the area of SaaS solutions is distinguished.


In every category, up to three people can be awarded: a winner according to expert voting, a winner according to popular vote, and a medal for the best use of a cloud solution (awarded by a client company).

The categories outside of the overall contest are:

  • “Clouds and the Mass Media” — a prize given to representatives of the press for popularization of the SaaS market and showing the achievements and tasks awaiting the segment;
  • Grand-prix prizes — a special set of awards from the organizing committee, sponsors, and partners of the project.


The organizer of the Cloud 2012 prizes is the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) and Delovaya Sreda.

The general partner of the project is Sberbank, and the main partner is Megaplan.

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