Eighth Annual Fight Against Cancer Forum

February 4, 2015, 09:00 conference

Hall 1


Hall 2

On February 4th, the Digital October Center will play host to the eighth annual “Fight Against Cancer” forum. This forum has been taking place since 2008, and, in that time, it has transformed into the biggest platform for experts to discuss the most important issues in healthcare, examine the growth potential for oncology in Russia, and provide effective solutions to the most pressing problems in the organization of aid for cancer patients and their family and friends.

This year, forum participants will focus on giving an overview of government healthcare program and discuss the fresh challenges posed by the end of the National Oncological Program, as well as the new steps being taken to reform the Russian healthcare system in the midst of an unstable economic climate.

The forum is being sponsored by the largest Russian patient support organizations: the interregional community movement “Fight Against Cancer” and the non-profit partnership “Equal Right to Life”.

To participate in the forum, you must register through one of the following portals: www.rakpobedim.ru or www.ravnoepravo.ru.

To participate in a press briefing entitled, “The Prospects of Oncological Aid in the Context of New Strategies in Russian Healthcare” (February 4th, 13:00), which will take place as part of the forum, you must receive accreditation from the “Equal Right to Life” press center: akoz@ag-loyalty.com, +7 (916) 545 78 55, tper@ag-loyalty.com, +7 (916) 332 76 42.  


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