General Assembly: "crazy cookies" and other joys of programming

February 25, 2013, 19:00 program

The third "General Assembly" has been held in the Digital October center, with the focus of discussion this time being on web development.

On February 25, our center and the General Assembly, in essence, reopened up the "assembly" to the Moscow public, offering a practical master class with Chris Castiglione.

The former lead developer at a number of US web studios, Castiglione is now a member of the General Assembly team: he offers classes devoted to programming "for Dummies".

As a first independent assignment, Castiglione suggested to listeners to create a one-page sample page dedicated to the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster. In the first hour, Chris gave step-by-step instructions on how to create a webpage with the help of HTML5 and CSS3…

…and also gave advice on how to move on to something more complicated, for instance, something like this:

Chris says that HTML and CSS are the external appearance of your page. Seminar participants get to learn web layout beginning with mastering basic HTML tags. As soon as headers are formulated and links are set up, Castiglione moves on to working with CSS. The audience learns to change the color of the page's background and determine the widths of indentations and margins. Finally, the finishing touch – replacing the background image – and Cookie Monster's personal site is ready.

Not everyone is able to handle all the stages of the work at the first try. Experts of the ‘assembly’ -- lead developer of Dmitry Demeshkin and lead developer of AltSpace Labs Oleg Sidorov – become involved.

While Oleg is helping participants to correct mistakes in the code, Dmitry and the audience make the instructional site more up-to-date, replacing links on Cookie Monster's profile on Facebook and Twitter with more current socialization buttons.

"HTML5 and CSS3 are rather new instruments, and they are not yet supported by all browsers. But with their help you will be able to do really cool things that not everybody has yet," Oleg Sidorov adds to the comments of his colleague.

After the lecture, people do not rush off but continue talking with the experts who have stayed behind for Happy Hour. The small community of people who had become initiated in the basics of web design breaks up only when the entrance to the nearest metro station has long closed…

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