An Evening of Networking at Founder Institute Moscow

December 26, 2013, 18:30

The ‘night school’ format has helped countless people who have gone on to become leaders in their fields. Did you know that Yuri Gagarin attended night school?

In March of 2013, a night school for tech entrepreneurs opened under the auspices of the Digital October Center: the Moscow branch of Founder Institute, the Silicon Valley-based accelerator for individuals starting their own companies. This branch became the 42nd one of its kind in the world, and one of 55 locations operating all over the globe today.

This program, which was designed for the future founders of tech companies, is far from academic in character – don’t let the word ‘institute’ in the title fool you. Here, experienced specialists help to vet ideas for stable businesses and, over the course of several months, assist in developing them into investment-worthy models and working companies. Our students aren’t judged by their age or previous experience, but on their desire to become founders.

On December 26th, the heads of famous startups, investors, and industry experts who took part in the launch of the first round of Russian FI projects, along with the students who participated in FI Moscow’s first semester (which started at the beginning of September)  gathered together once more – and were be happy to talk to anyone interested in the topic of tech entrepreneurship.

The evening was devoted to discussing trends for 2014 and your business ideas, as well as to forging new and valuable acquaintances.

At the beginning of the meeting, Maria Adamian and Peter Tatischev, the directors of Founder Institute Moscow and the curators of DO, offered a presentation on the accelerator training program aimed at those who aren’t familiar with the ‘founder’ approach. They discussed:

  • why Elon Musk knows his FI entrance exam score,
  • why most people who have taken this test, which measures inborn entrepreneurial talents, don’t know their results,
  • how to take the Founder Institute test (which usually costs $50) for free
  • what kinds of global business opportunities FI Moscow’s training program has to offer, and
  • what makes the second year of the program different from the first.


And were also happy to answer the questions. Afterwards, participants had plenty of time to make conversation with interesting people. We’d like to mention that FI Moscow is grateful to have received help from the following people: Alexey Chernyak, Evgeny Gordeev, Mikhail Zonenashvili, Byram Annakov, Alexei Sidnev, Alexander Yanykhbash, Egor Rudi, Ilya Gelfenbein, Grachik Adzhamyan, Dmitry Repin, and many others.


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