Web Analysis for Business – the Basic Level

March 28, 2013, 11:00 training

On March 28, a training session took place at the Digital October center on working with Google Analytics held by web analysts of the company i-Media designed for beginners in the world of analysis and managers who are just starting to use the service.

Participants in the event learned how to construct a system appropriate to the tasks of their business and in what situations it is necessary to additional change the Analytics code and studied the basic methods of data filtering and constructing an account, as well as methods of working with the interface.

Determining KPI, analyzing the ease of use of a website for visitors and tracking specific actions, and binding a Google AdWords account to Analytics were also discussed, and an overview of yet another tool of web analysis – Yandex.Metrika – awaited the audience at the end of the exercise.

The program of the training session consisted of four hour-and-a-half modules:

1. Starting with Google Analytics;

2. Work with the Interface;

3. Data Analysis;

4. Yandex.Metrika.


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