Moscow to host Communications at The Cube, a conference on PR, SMM, and Event trends

March 20, 2015, 10:00 conference

Please note! The event will be held at The Cube, located not far from Dmitrovskaya metro station at 36 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street, Moscow.

Moscow will host Communications3 (Communications at The Cube), a conference for PR specialists, marketing specialists, and event managers organized by A-TAK, a communications agency.

The business program will include speeches by representatives of Disney, Wix, VKontakte, Google, Intel, the Group, Adblock Plus, Badoo, Flamp, Paramount Comedy, WWF, and others, all discussing the finer points of leveraging a variety of promotional tools. Among the topics covered will be reputation management across social networks, setting up press services and SMM departments, using storytelling and special project tools, and building loyalty within a narrowly defined audience.

The business reps on stage will be joined by publishers; journalists, who will be there to talk about changes in reader preferences regarding both form and content; and popular bloggers, who will be sharing their opinions on branding in the blogosphere.

The program will be split into three tracks: PR, SMM, and Event. Beyond its traditional and main business aspects, however, the special evening program will offer guests the chance to chat with each other and the experts, build contacts, and just have a great time.

Conference site:

Partnership and accreditation contact for members of the press:

Evgeniya Kolobkhova

8 (495) 695-1245
8 (968) 764-6717

Translated by Jared Firth


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