V international conference DLP-Russia

September 21, 2012, 10:00 conference

On September 21, the V international conference DLP-Russia was held at the Digital October center. The conference was conducted by the association DLP-Ekspert association, which united specialists in the area of information security.

The event was dedicated to the control of information flows and defending confidential information from external threats. The main goal of the conference was to have a dialogue between business, the authorities, and leaders in technology, the aim of which will be to determine hoe information technology can strengthen protection of valuable information: confidential data, state and commercial secrets, and intellectual property.

Top managers, directors of information security, government representatives and the business community, leading solution developers, and international experts in the area of protecting confidential data from leaks took part in the discussion. The key themes of DLP-Russia were:

  • Business, legislation, and the practice of law enforcement: protecting commercial secrets, personal data, protection of intellectual property.
  • Information security in the modern world: How to increase control of IT infrastructure. Practice, problems, solutions.
  • Man contemporary IT and IS trends: mobility, BYOD. Large volumes of information: categorization, analysis, effective use.

You can learn more about the conference program on the official website.

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