Change Management: Society

December 6, 2017, 10:00 conference

The “Change Management: Society” conference organized by the communication project +1 will be held at the Digital October Centre on December 6 (

The primary objective of the conference is to provide social impact leaders with a forum for sharing experience, industry connections and techniques and technologies for implementing and promoting social projects. Participants will include representatives of socially responsible companies, the Russian government, the media, advertising and communications agencies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

More than 500 visitors attended our conferences on ecology and economy that took place earlier this autumn. They brought together speakers from major Russian and international companies, including: PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Unilever, RusPEK association, WWF, Central Bank of Russia, Sberbank, Nordea Bank, IKEA, Philips, Severstal, Nornickel, T Plus, Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, Skolkovo Foundation, Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), FinTech Lab, “Centre” Agency for Strategic Development, KB Strelka, Aventica, NAFI Research Centre and HeadHunter.

You can read our reports on the conferences at the following links:

What will we talk about on December 6?

Imagine a world devoid of sound. How will it develop, and how will its inhabitants interact with each other?

Imagine a world in which you have no protection: there are no laws, no proprieties and no social contract—a world where you can come under attack or be insulted at any moment. What will you do to defend yourself?

Imagine a world devoid of everything you are used to, of everything that has become part of you: family, home, work and friends. How will it feel to live in such a world?

The task is to experience, not to watch, and to feel, not to realize… 8 hours. A 360 degree perspective. 100% immersion.




Opening. Welcome address by the organizers of the conference and the co-organizers of its sections.

Section 1. The state

  • The state as regulator

  • Publicprivate partnerships

  • Grant competitions

  • Governmental development institutions

  • Measuring social impact

  • Social development ranking by region

Section 2. Business

  • Sustainable business development in Russia

  • Russian and Western companies’ practices

  • Corporate governance

  • Corporate volunteering

  • Corporate charity

Section 3. Nonprofit organizations

  • The third sector in Russia as a social service provider

  • Its level of development

  • Clustering

  • “Unpopular charity”

  • “Lazy” charity and social marketing

Section 4. Society

  • Urban communities as a measure of civic engagement in society

  • Social capital density

  • Network and field technologies for interaction

  • Upward social mobility

Concluding discussion and wrap-up

  • The institutional development of the social impact investment market

  • Is it possible to integrate the different approaches of the state, society, business and the third sector?

  • What can we do to drive cross-sector collaboration?


Attendance at the conference is free of charge.

Please register here to attend:


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+7 (495) 003–16–16
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