October 25, 2017, 10:00 conference

The “Change Management: Economy” conference organized by the communication project +1 will be held at the Digital October Centre on October 25 (

The primary objective of the conference is to provide social impact leaders with a forum for sharing experience, industry connections and techniques and technologies for implementing and promoting social projects. Participants will include representatives of socially responsible companies, the Russian government, advertising and communications agencies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

The two-day conference “Change Management: Economy. Ecology. Society” that took place in March 2017 brought together more than 40 speakers and 400 visitors, and its live streams received more than 1500 views (you can watch a video report about this conference on the RBC channel:

The October 25 conference will examine how the present-day financial system will evolve in the future, which forms of energy will become cheap and sustainable, how we will work, what our cities will look like, what and how we will buy and how we will move in space and through information streams.

Circular economy, smart cities, green finance, blockchain technology—the infrastructure of the future is being built right now, transforming not only the economy but the world as a whole.
The future is now!

The conference will address the following topics:

  • # The economy of the future
  • # The financial systems of the future
  • # The future territorial development
  • # The society of the future. Labour market
  • # The future of technology
  • # Company managemen



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