TurnKey EU: accessing the European online market via Luxembourg

May 27, 2013, 16:00 seminar

May 27 at the Digital October Center representatives of the telecommunications company P&T LUXGSM, the legal firm Lauer & Sartor, and financial consultants Fiduciaire Premier Luxembourg S.A. and Catella Bank S.A. discussed why internet companies should choose Luxembourg to open their European offices.

Guests listened to the lectures entitled “Luxembourg for E-Commerce and E-Business,” “The Legal Framework for Conducting Business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,” “Maximizing Your Intellectual Property: the Conditions for Working with Intellectual Property in Luxembourg,” “Making Payments in the World of E-Commerce,” and “Luxembourg, the Electronic Hub of Europe.”

Seminar participants also:

  • learned how to open headquarters in Luxemburg and why the European offices of iTunes, Amazon, PayPal, Rakuten and other well-known market players are already located in the Grand Duchy
  • learned about tax and other benefits for locally registered companies from the online retail, gaming and social media industries
  • learned about the technical and information infrastructure of the country

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