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May 25, 2012, 10:00 conference

On May 25 the technical conference .toster {javascript}, at which foreign specialists shared their knowledge of development in the JavaScript language and the instruments that they use to create the best products in their areas, took place at the Digital October center.

At .toster, there was an excellent possibility to hear foreign presenters who work in groundbreaking companies (Mozilla, appendTo, subPrint, R/GA, Ajax.org, News360, Blackberry, and others) on products and services with cutting-edge technologies. The conference program also contained reports on frameworks and libraries, the creation of one-page applications, and predictions by specialists.

The conference was opened by Joe McCann, who is developing a cellular strategy of development at the American company subPrint. He spoke about how it is already unimportant what specific device a user employs to look at a page or use an application – you need to be ready for everything.

After this, the stage was taken by Phil Foxworth, who has been engaged in JS-development at the English agency R/GA for 10 years. He presented excessive improvements as a dark side of JavaScript and discussed in what direction developers are moving on the correct path.

After a break for coffee, visitors of the conference got to know Ralph Whitbek, who works at the company appendTo and is part of the team of jQuery and jQuery Mobile. He talked about the open library AmplifyJS developed especially for the solution of a number of specific tasks.

The star of the conference was Mozilla’s technological evangelist Robert Nyman. The theme of his report was “The Web as a Platform”: contemporary APIs allow us to forget about the platform as a phenomenon and create applications and services for everyone without any limitations.

After lunch, Technical Director of the company News360 Shavkat Ainurin spoke in Russian about his experience in the creation of a massive JS-application calculated for large loads. The presentation of Jan Jongboom from the American office of Cloud9 concerned the use of NodeJS in the creation of large applications. Konstantin Kichinsky of the Moscow office of Microsoft discussed the creation of HTML/JS-applications for the Microsoft 8 operating system.

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