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October 28, 2011, 09:00 conference

On October 28th, the Digital October Center hosted the .toster {web-development} conference, dedicated to the latest in web development. The .toster project offers monthly technical conferences, workshops, and meetings on various topics. Hot on the heels of the F8 Conference, which was recently held in San Francisco, at this event in Moscow experts from Facebook, Microsoft, GitHub, and other high-tech companies discussed the latest achievements in the information technology industry.

Presentations were made by:

  • Angela Zaeh – Facebook growth manager for Russia, Poland, Korea, and Eastern Europe. Angela talked about what new things we can expect on the Facebook platform: custom open graph, a new profile, and other distribution channels.

  • Vladimir Fedorov – director of engineering at Facebook. Vladimir delivered a report on new Facebook applications: music and video.

  • Scott Chacon – author of the Apress book Pro Git; technology director at GitHub, leading Git-evangelist, and a participant in the world’s largest web development conferences. Scott discussed the new features of the GitHub platform.

  • Blake Mizerany — head systems engineer at Heroku and the creator of Sinatra. Blake read a paper entitled, “On Distributed Failures and Handling Them with Doozer”;

  • Matthew Eernisse — author of the book, “Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications” and engineering lead at Yammer. Matthew gave a lecture, “Introduction to NodeJS,” and also did a real-time demonstration of web application development using NodeJS, a new I/O server-side JavaScript environment.

  • Vladimir Yunev – creator of developer project progg.ru and an expert on Microsoft web development. Vladimir discussed the rapid development of web-based applications in WebMatrix.

  • Konstantin Kichinsky – developer evangelist at Microsoft. Konstantin read a report, “Wild Wild Web: HTML5”.

  • Jake Archibald – leading developer at Lanyrd. Jake gave a presentation entitled, “Reusable Code, for Good or for Awesome!”.

The conference concluded with a Facebook Hackathon.

Organizer contact information:

General questions: toster@thematicmedia.ru; +7 (495) 628-27-04;

Sponsorship participation: lesha@thematicmedia.ru;

Conference program: olesya@thematicmedia.ru.

More information about the project and the conference can be found online at www.toster.ru.

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