The Startup Kids: Where Do Startups Come from?

March 16, 2013, 19:00

At 19:00 on March 16, a screening of the short film The Startup Kids, which tells the stories of the founders of SoundCloud, Dropbox, Vimeo, Foodspotting, Kiip, InDinero, and other projects from a first-person standpoint, took place at the Digital October center. After the viewing, one could learn how to get to a semiannual program for talented project creators and startup teams that is starting in summer of this year in Italy.

The business communities of Europe and the United States have already rated The Startup Kids highly, and now Russian entrepreneurs were able to do the same.

The creators of the film spent two years capturing the working hours of the founders of impressive and successful projects on camera so as to produce a film that would motivate young, active people to create their own businesses.

Along with the premier screening on March 16, a presentation of the European talent-development program “TechPeaks – The People Accelerator” took place.

Those guests of the event who want to try their hand in entrepreneurship learned about the opportunities of the program and received relevant instructions on how to make it with their ideas to Trento (Italy), where “Tech Peaks” will take place.

In spring of 2013, “Tech Peaks” will select a hundred young promising engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs from every corner of Europe to give them the chance to develop in conditions that are close to ideal. The participants in the program will not only be allotted a scholarship and have all expenses compensated, but will also receive access to the international network of business incubators that cooperate with “Tech Peaks”. Both individual specialists and whole teams will be considered for selections. Applications will be accepted to the accelerator until April 5.

The event was organized by “TechPeaks – The People Accelerator” European talent-development program (Italy) and Plug and Play Russia Accelerator. The screening took place with the support of the Digital October center.

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