TechCrunch Moscow: 10 Seconds to Infinity

December 9, 2013, 15:40


One of those who shared their stories on December 9 with the conference guests was Anton Gladkoborodov, CEO of

“Everyone knows our rule: the length of a clip cannot exceed ten seconds. We didn’t pick that number especially, it just happened that we could have chosen five or 15 seconds.

Basically, I didn’t want to create a platform for looped micro videos so that the content was as short as possible, but so that it would become… eternal. Friends, of course, hinted at the stupidity of that, but one really took an interest: Misha Tabunov, my co-founder.

Ten months after launching we already had 80 thousand

users per month, and now there're 28 million while the number of views per month had reached 200 million.

They came for the content, but why did they come in such droves? First, the videos themselves took on another meaning: they went from something static to becoming a tool of self-expression. People were able to breathe new life into old content, making it sharper, funnier, more interesting.

Second, when we understood that there wouldn’t be many people who would develop their clips before uploading them to Coub, we launched our own online editor. Finally, music is the next promising addition we plan for our site after video.

Music is to Coub as filters are to Instagram.

That’s what one of my friends said, and it was also when the project really started to take off.

Just a final word about what we’ve been working on the past year: tomorrow a Coub iOS mobile app will go live for our users to access.

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