TechCrunch Moscow 2010

December 13, 2010, 10:00 conference


The conference of a worldwide tech blog TechCrunch has been held in Moscow for the first time. About 700 representatives of public authorities, major companies of Russian internet, start-ups, Russian and international venture funds, experts and mass media have attended the event.

The conference was opened by Mike Butcher, the Editor of the internationally acclaimed technological blog TechCrunch Europe. He greeted the TechCrunch Moscow participants and expressed confidence that the event would become momentous for the whole internet community.

Afterwards Arkadiy Dvorkovich, the Aide to the Russian President, spoke of creating favorable environment for development of international projects in Russia. In particular he announced a possibility of simplifying visa regime for foreign entrepreneurs by introducing so-called start-up visa. "Indeed we need highly qualified professionals to work and live here. Innovations are impossible without appropriate law regulations which support entrepreneurship, so Russian government shall work in this regard. Russia is a European country and we shall share common market with Europe", he pointed out.

Igor Schegolev, the head of Ministry of Communication, stressed the idea that it is necessary to create integrated environment for developers: "Technoparks shall become key points, and the infrastructure for supporting new enterprises will be built using their help".

"We are very glad that the first Russian TechCrunch turned out to be such a sought-after event", said Edward Shenderovich, the co-organizer of the TechCrunch Moscow. "We hope that this event will become crucial in transforming and internationalizing the Russian web."

The main topic of the TechCrunch Moscow was the specifics of the Russian internet market, the attractiveness of the Russian technological products for investors and prospects for bringing those products to a global level. Representatives of Russian and foreign venture funds participated in the discussion. Representatives list included Igor Taber (Intel Capital), Matiaz Lungman (Atomico Ventures), Alexandr Galitsky (Almaz Capital Partners), Alain Caffi (Managing Partners de Ventech Capital) and others.

Besides, the following nine promising Russian projects participated in the traditional TechCrunch "Start-up battle":,,,,, Speaktoit, Zingaya, Intervox and MixxMuse.

Representatives of leading Russian internet companies shed light on the relevant issues of Russian web market. Arkadiy Volozh, Yandex CEO, described startups which could possibly be bought by the company. The program of the company development after a successful IPO was summarized by Dmitry Grishin, CEO. Prospects for development of the online media in Russia were elucidated by Demian Kudryavtsev (Kommersant), Anatoly Karachinskiy (IBS) and Pavel Cherkashin (MSN). The issues of developing IT projects were discussed in other sections with creators of successful startups launched both on Russian and foreign markets.

Schedule and video of the conference are available on the TechCrunch Moscow official web site

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