Founder Institute Moscow Grant

April 14, 2013, 23:59

Founder Institute Moscow welcomed two attendees free of charge to the first educational program in Russia by the world’s largest start-up accelerator.

The course begins at the Digital October center in the middle of May, and the names of the grant recipients will be determined in the coming days.

Preference was given to those with the best results from the predictive admissions test.

The grant was be entrusted to the following nominees:

The Female Founder Fellowship – this grant is geared toward those who are trying to do away with the gender gap in technological entrepreneurship and has been a mainstay in all accelerator branches worldwide since 2011. The grant was awarded to Ekaterina Amvrosieva, the participant who showed the most potential in this area, having received the highest score on the founders’ exam.

Thanks to the system of separate grants for women, FI global has increased the percentage of companies founded by their female participants to 26%, twice as high as the majority of other incubators. We hope that the same will be possible in Russia.

The Applicant Distinction Fellowship was offered to the applicant judged most promising by the results of the test, Andrey Ognev.

The results were announced the evening of April 15 at the Digital October Startup Pitch Bootcamp info session.


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