Startup Weekend: Assemble a team

February 25 – 26, 2012, 11:00 seminar

On February 25-26, Digital October held the next Startup Weekend––a working session for startups looking for a team and investments.

On Saturday morning, participants discussed their ideas, got acquainted with experts hoping to be involved in creating web projects, and then got split into teams. After the team became acquainted, they started working with experts on realizing their projects.

On Sunday, each team developed a plan for the first version of a product and checked if the project needed users and whether the creators' conception of the business model was practicable.

Teams that were able to explain and make a case for how and how soon they're be able to test the viability of the project and its model received investments ranging from $20 000 to $100 000 from Glavstart and Arkady Moreinis.

If you have an idea for a web project and you want to find a team, interact with experts, and obtain investments, submit a freeform description of your project to If you are a specialist in your field, want to be involved in creating a web project and become part-owner of a promising business, write us about yourself at


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