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April 7, 2012, 10:00 startup olympics

On 7th April the final day of the Qualification round of the Startup Year Olympics 2012, presented by the entrepreneur school Startup Monthly with the general sponsorship of Farminers Startup Academy and in the partnership with GreenfieldProject, took place at Digital October.

From 10 till 20 the workshop sessions, seminars and individual couch-sessions were held. The participating teams got the opportunity to present their ideas and business projects to the investors and mentors and the experts evaluated the presentations and gave their opinions on the projects. Guests were able to watch the Startup Battle, get acquainted with the partners of Startup Monthly, mentors and investors.

At the end of the event the best teams were chosen and they got the free visit of the Startup Monthly entrepreneur school based in the Silicon Valley, where they'll have an opportunity to undertake an education course at the Silicon Valley Startup Accelerator in June 2012. They will also have a chance to receive the further investments in the USA.

Among the guests of the event were such famous entrepreneurs as Nathan Gold, Greg Kidd and Vadim Slavin. They gave the seminars and individual couch sessions for the participating teams.

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Conference Hall
12:00 – The products presentations by the early startups and the sponsors
13:00 – Greg Kidd’s speech
14:00 – The investment practice at the Sylicon Valley and in Russia
15:00 – Silicon Valley Startup Accelerator presentation
16:00 – Pre-seed startups battle (10 minutes for the startup, 5 minutes for the pitch, 5 minutes for the questions and the answers)
19:00 – Announcing of the teams that will go to the Silicon Valley Startup Accelerator and Startup Year Olympics
20:00 - Startup Socials Party

Auditorium № 1 (workshop)
10:00 - NoSQL – Leading NoSQL projects review (MongoDB, CouchBase, Cassandra, etc), held by Aristarkh Zagogrodnikov
11:00 – MongoBD review and operational procedures, held by Aristarkh Zagorodnikov.


Background information:

Nathan Gold (California, USA) is the founder of The Demo Coach, author of more than 15 thousand presentations and product demonstrations, business-coach, helps entrepreneurs to invite investments and realize their projects.

Gregg Kidd (California, USA) is the invest angel and investor at different startups (Hailo, Parking Panda, Meexo, Kabbage and Craiggers). He founded and took public Dispatch Management Services Corp (DMSC) – one of the largest worldwide express delivery network. He had also been the invest angel of Twitter at the first financing round. Currently he is the risk counsel at Square.

Vadim Slavin (California, USA) is the co-founder of Startup Monthly, business angel, investor, entrepreneur and also math, physics and computer technologies researcher. He leads the large projects on space systems development and future technologies. Vadim Slavin has also developed Startup Monthly educational methods. He has 10 year experience in the field of IT-entrepreneurship consulting in the USA and 12 year experience as a programmer and software architecture.

Startup Monthly entrepreneur school (California, USA) is the business accelerator based in the Silicon Valley. It is the community of the leading IT-entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and experts at business development and realization of ideas as a real working projects.


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