Start in Garage for Internet Companies in Moscow

January 28, 2011, 10:00 conference

RIS Ventures company and Igria business incubator organized a program dedicated to Internet enterpreneurship. It was presented in Digital October on January 28-30.

Start in Garage is supported by Naumen company, Microsoft company and a number of venture funds investing into internet projects (ABRT, eVenture Capital Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners and others).

Start in Garage is based on education programs of the leading world universities and on the experience of successful Russian IT companies. Using this basis we were able to form a detailed view of successful internet entrepreneurship.

The following practical training is a part of the program:

  • cases solving: working on an assignment in a team and then presenting the result;
  • exercises on stating and testing business hypotheses, developing software and creating roadmap product;
  • preparing presentations for investors.

Start in Garage program is an opportunity to communicate with industry colleagues, discuss relevant issues of IT business, exchange experience and establish connections with the potential partners.


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