Contemporary Logistics in Internet Business

November 19, 2012, 09:00 conference

On November 19, the group of companies SLON held the business forum “Contemporary Logistics in Internet Business” at Digital October, at which experts in the area of logistics and participants in the market discussed questions of development of internet business.

Quality logistics is one of the important factors that influence a company’s economic growth. By making a choice in favor of an intelligent logistical system, an internet business can win the battle for the end consumer.

In Russia, representatives of internet business encounter many problems, including overcoming the enormous distances between inhabited areas, difficulties in making express deliveries on time, the absence of correctly constructed warehouse logistics, and lack of qualified employees who would be able to intelligently construct a system for delivering goods and minimize glitches in its operation.

The following people spoke at the event:

  • Nadezhda Romanova, general director of PickPoint, with the address “Delivery by Postamat – a New Delivery Channel. A Solution of the ‘Last Mile’ Problem”;
  • Kirill Yadokin, general director of TopDelivery – “Barriers to Delivery: How to Speed Up the Time and Quality of Delivery”;
  • Askar Rakhimberdiev, general director of the service Moj Sklad – “New Possibilities of Managing Delivery and Logistics: Automation from a Cloud”;
  • And many more.


The forum was of interest to:

  • heads of logistical companies;
  • owners of online businesses;
  • owners of internet stores;
  • specialists in marketing and sales;
  • specialists in online-business development;
  • representatives of international and Russian forwarding companies;
  • specialists in logistics’ specialists in procurement;
  • specialists in managing warehousing.


Details on the event are on this link.


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