Social Media Making & Epic Fail Conference

November 7, 2012, 09:30 conference

On November 7, in the framework of the sixth Russian digital week, the world’s first conference took place of digital and SMM agencies, at which representatives of these agencies were told how to produce and sell marketing services in social media even better, as well as epic failures of agencies, in the Digital October center.

The event consisted of two sections:

1.   Reports and master classes of leading Russian digital and SMM agencies on producing and selling SMM services. Representatives of the agencies Ailove, Affekt, Brandy Digital, DEFA Interaktiv, Nektarin, Paper Planes, Pichesky, Redkaya marka, Socialist, and Anton Nosik took part in the section.

2.   A discussion of failures in social media and working on mistakes. Co-organizer of the event Ilya Kabanov, according to Deutsche Welle the best Russian blogger and editor of the almanac, said ”discussing successful projects is boring. It is much more fun to take apart failed cases, to figure out who is to blame and learn from others’ mistakes. In addition, we will draw far-reaching conclusions from devastating defeats to be able to show off subtle victories yet again.”

Reports began with statements that were about like these:

  • “We were the masters of a million dollars and obtained nothing.”
  • “We thought up a big idea, but the client needed 10 thousand bots for 100 rubles.”
  • “The client wasn’t ready to work on a quality product, and his audience wasn’t ready to stand for it.”
  • “Our coworker cursed while he was Twittering a client. He doesn’t do that kind of thing.”
  • “Everything was good, but our Facebook group with a trillion subscribers was banned before the product was released.”
  • “They wrote nonsense about us in blogs, we refuted it, and the nonsense got worse.”


Detailed gram and description of events

Hosts of the event: Ilya Kabanov ( and Ilya Balakhnin (Paper Planes).

Sponsors of the conference: Greensight, iDex Group, MST, Pichesky, qb interactive, Trilan.


119072, Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, str.3

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