Site 2012. Creation, development, and support of Internet projects

September 27 – 28, 2012, 10:00 conference


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On September 27–28, the fourth annual conference Site 2012: Creation, Development, and Support of Internet Projects was held in the Digital October Center. The conference has been organized with the participation of the companies Ashmanov and Partners and NetCat and the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC).

The conference was intended for companies that wish to obtain the most up-to-date information on how to quickly create a contemporary website for solving business problems.

“Once every few years, many companies go through a difficult procedure of full website redevelopment,” says Ksenia Ryzhkova, director of the Marketing and PR Department of Ashmanov and Partners. “This is an unavoidable stage in the growth of any contemporary organization, which everyone wants to go through as quickly as possible with minimal losses. The task of the conference Site 2012 is to focus the attention of its participants on all the numerous criteria that determine the competitiveness of a contemporary website. To do this, we are inviting experts who will explain how to plan modernization of a website correctly in order to get on to the enjoyable part — attracting new clients and increasing the number of sales.”

Site 2012 assembled specialists in the area of web development, ergonomics, and marketing. Heads and top managers of companies interested in developing unique web products, internet-project and startup managers, sales specialists, website owners, PR managers, marketing specialists, and other sector specialists were invited. Subjects that embrace all aspects of creation and development of internet projects were examined in detail in reports: determination of a website’s goals, budgeting, selection of a contractor and interaction with him at every stage, and use of analysis as an instrument for increasing a website’s effectiveness. A separate section was devoted to the creation of websites compatible with cellular devices.

The first thing to took place in the framework of the conference was the training course Internet-Project Academy for participants who are in need for basic knowledge. Specialists spoke in detail about how to determine the functionality of a website proceeding from the tasks of business and how to select a website engine and web studio.

Details on the conference’s program can be learned on the official website.


100000000000000697720269 show Dmitry
NetCat CEO
100000000000003688637554 show Ilya
Development Director of Techart
100000000000000016136840 show Dmitry
UsabilityLab CEO
100000000000003749515725 show Anna
Managing Director of Actis Wunderman
100000000000002933850882 show Anatoly
Web Analyst at Keyvision Department of Adlabs Advertising Agency
100000000000000518745900 show Alexey
1C-Bitrix Business Development Director
100000000000000897628780 show Mikhail

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