Online Travel Market: Fasten Your Seatbelts!

February 28, 2014, 19:00

On February 28th at the Digital October Center, the GreenfieldProject team will host the latest mini-conference in its Feedback series.

As always, the first portion of the event will be dedicated to presentations and expert discussion, while the second part will be devoted to working with several projects that have recently started out on the market and are in need of feedback.

This time, we’ll focus the attention on travel startups: their whirlwind ascents and dizzying failures, their attendant client scandals and panics, as well as an overview of the market: its rules, opportunities, and its questions of survival and monetization.

Aleksandr Sizintsev, the general director of Biletix, will tell you how the Eviterra situation has impacted the market. He’ll also talk about the hidden dangers companies face when selling airline tickets online.

Valentin Dombrovsky, serial entrepreneur and current Vice President of Innovations at Excursiopedia, will discuss the entirely new opportunities that have begun cropping up in the industry because, “hotels and airline tickets have gotten boring.”

Another expert in attendance at the event, Leonid Pustov, the head of the Rutramarin analytics firm, will share the results of his audit of Russian tourist startups. He will also discuss the promising new niches that his research has brought to light, and summarize the results of the voting for best travel project of 2013 according to Travel Startups, the professional Facebook group.

Admission is free. Just register and come!


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