Rules of the Games. Taxes in Russia: How to avoid uncorrectable mistakes

January 30, 2012, 18:30 seminar

We had wanted to begin this announcement with a joke about taxes. But the taxes are not the matter of joke. Meet Vasily Davydov, tax manager at PwC!

What do hi-tech and telecommunication companies as well as members of the entertainment industry and mass media have in common? First of all, they all have to pay taxes. Secondly, Mr. Vasily Davydov, tax manager at PwC and an expert in all of the fundamental rules of taxation in Russia had worked with them.

As it may seem basic rules do not cause any troubles. In fact it is quiet contrary. There are a lot of troubles. Great number of companies face them daily.

What is the solution? To learn from Davydov.

In the course of the seminar Rules of the Games. Taxes in Russia: How to avoid uncorrectable mistakes participants most likely understood and realized the importance of the tax system. It would be thanks to this system that the interest of potential investors in your company would raise.

As usually, the most successful representatives of the venture funds and entrepreneurs who had found the proper way of the tax payment attended the seminar.


Video of the seminar


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