RMA: Open House

September 29, 2012, 12:00 open house

On September 29, leading specialists of the internet industry gathered at Digital October to discuss in an informal setting a theme that worries everyone, whether they are in online of offline business – the creation of a business idea and the possibilities of bringing it into reality. The discussion took place in the framework of an Open House of the Internet Industry Management Department of the RMA business school.

After the general discussion, a master class – “A Brilliant Business Idea: How to Develop and Realize It” – was held for all those in attendance by the entrepreneurs, heads of the MSU business incubator, and creators of numerous broadcasts on Kommersant FM Mikhail Khomich and Yury Mitin.

There exists a misapprehension that business ideas in the internet industry are completely unconnected to offline business. The task of the open discussion was to debunk this myth and show, using the example of general tendencies of development of internet business and already-existing business ideas, that any offline business entails the presence of internet components.

Leading industry specialists talked about why starting an online business is significantly simpler than it might seem at first glance. It is enough to possess a specific range of knowledge of promotion and management, which will help to bring any business idea to life. The speakers also gave practical advice on how to launch your own startup, what you can’t forget about when putting it into effect, and where to look for investors.

Discussion participants:

Sonya Sokolova — curator of the Internet Industry Management Department, director of the Internet & Digital Marketing Department of the Independent Media publishing house, co-owner and editor in chief of the Zvuki.ru portal

Nikolai Shestakov — investor, managing partner of ADVES (BadooRussia).

Roman Murazanov — managing partner of LinebergerAdvisers.

Mikhail Khomich — director of the MSU business incubator; creator of the lecture courses “The Economics of Innovation,” “The Practice of Business,” and “How to Create Your Own Business”; and creator and host of the programs Money on the Dozhd television channel and Business Case and Idea for a Million on Kommersant FM.

Yury Mitin — director of MSU’s business incubator, creator of the lecture courses “The Economics of Innovation,” “The Practice of Business,” and “How to Create Your Own Business”; and creator and host of the programs Money on the Dozhd television channel and Business Case and Idea for a Million on Kommersant FM.


On September 29 at 13:00, an Open House of the Restaurant and Club Industry Management of the RMA business school took place at the Digital October center. In the framework of the event, several master classes were held led by leading specialists who are regular instructors of the department.

Teachers, alumni, and current students participated in the event. Guests received a detailed instructional program and full information on enrollment. They also heared a story on the philosophy of the company, the principles of setting up the educational process, the current state of affairs on the market, and the concrete advantages that alumni of RMA’s retraining program “Management in the Restaurant Business and Club Industry” possess.

After a brief introductory section, all the guests became participants in master classes by Alexei MorozovElena Belousova, and Aizek Korrea.

Alexei Morozov has worked in the restaurant industry since 1999. Since 2002, he has been a trainer in opening restaurants from nothing and a trainer and instructor for large restaurant companies. He has participated in the openings of 25 restaurants and six hotels in Moscow and the provinces. At the master class in the framework of the Open House, Alexei will talk about effective sales management in a restaurant – in particular, about how to plan and carry out sales, what mechanisms of motivation are most effective in sales – and will describe technologies for raising revenue.

Elena Belousova is a counselor of justice of the first class and a federal arbiter. For more than 5 years, she headed the Legal Department of a restaurant professional company, she was present at the origins of the ARPIKOM restaurant holding, and is a member of the board of directors of the holding. Elena Belousova will give a lecture with the name “Legal Security of a Restaurateur. An Encyclopedia of Mistakes and Risks,” where she will touch upon the legal factors that need to be known by any entrepreneur who wants to open his own restaurant. Based on her personal experience, she will talk about the peculiarities of renting premises, what to do if there is an inspection, and what kind of demands there are for the menu, as well as about employee blacklists and a restaurateur’s area of responsibility.

Aizek Korrea is a famous restaurateur and owner of the Correas, Black Market, Corner Burger, and UDC chains. Along with PR Director of the company Iconfood Alena Ermakova, he will share his impressions from a gastronomical internship in the United States that took place in May of this year in New York and Miami. In addition, he will talk about his plans to launch and develop new projects in Moscow with students of the Department of Management in the Restaurant Business and Club Industry.


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