Regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia: intermediate results

January 26, 2017, 19:00 conference

On January 26, at 19.00, Digital October hosted the event "Regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia: intermediate results".

During the past years media has regularly published statements of authorities on the subject of regulation of cryptocurrency. As a result, the legal status of decentralized digital currencies is unclear for many people. Therefore, the main task of the speakers was to show light on the legal regulation of cryptocurrency and answer questions of users and entrepreneurs on this topic.


• Artem Tolkachev, Director, Head of Legal for Tech Group at Deloitte CIS, presentation title: "Regulation in the Russian Federation, its development since 2013 and until now, practical application. Review of international experience".
• Elina Sidorenko, Professor of criminal law, criminal procedure and criminalistics of MGIMO University. She is also the head of the group at State Duma of the Russian Federation that estimates risks of cryptocurrency turnover.
• Konstantin Goldshtein, Principal Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Russia. Topic: "International practices of using blockchain".
• Dmitry Bulychkov, PM at the Center for Technological Innovation of Sberbank.
• Konstantin Koltsov, QIWI.
• Alexander Ivanov, founder of blockchain platform Waves, Topic: "International regulation of Bitcoin"
• Stanislav Polozov, head of Department of implementation of blockchain platforms EMER

The program of the event:
• 18.30 — 19.00 — Welcome coffee
• 19.00 — 21.00 — Keynotes
• 21.00 — 22.00 — Panel discussion
• 22.00 — 23.00 — Q&A

What questions were discussed during the conference:
• What is the position of the regulator and law establishments?
• What is the international experience?
• Is there a regulatory framework and judicial precedents?
• How today is organized regulation of the cryptocurrency in Russia?
• What are the prospects for cryptocurrency regulation in Russia?
• How Russian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to interact with the regulator?

 The event is dedicated to :
• The founders and employees of FINTECH startups who plan to work with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology;
• Representatives of big business who are interested in the integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions in their business processes;
• Russian cryptocurrency and blockchain communities: miners, traders, investors, blockchain developers and enthusiasts of the industry;
• Civil servants who are watching the trends in the field of regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia.

Registration is available here.


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