Analyzing “Silicon Valley”

September 9, 2014, 18:00 master class

On September 9th at 18:00, the Digital October Center and Wordshop will present a master class for the authors of online entertainment content, as well as those who would like to perfect their professional screenwriting skills and their ability to generate humor for a sophisticated audience.

We will be discussing “Silicon Valley”, a show about six young development engineers who have launched their own startup in Silicon Valley. The show’s plotline is partially based on the personal experiences of its director and screenwriter, Mike Judge, from when he worked as an engineer in Silicon Valley in the late 80s, updated to modern times. IT community staples such as TED and TechCrunch crop up throughout the show. The series premiered in April of 2014 and was renewed for a second season by HBO executives practically immediately. Currently, 8 episodes of the show have aired, and the show has an IMBD rating of 8.5.

Over the course of our discussion, we will explore whether this new show’s success is due to the luck of its director or the cold calculations of its producers, who have placed their bets on a trendy theme for dedicated Mac users. We will examine how the episodes are structured and look at their interesting plot twists; we’ll attempt to decide whether the six programmers represent ‘heroes of our time’ or just another set of archetypical sitcom characters outfitted with trendy professions.



Yuriy Korotkov, Chair of the Screenwriting Department at Wordshop Academy. Screenwriter for “Land of the Deaf,” “Hipsters”, “9th Company”, and many more.

Anna Smolnyakova, course instructor for “How to Write a Sitcom” at Cinemotion Lab and “TV Series” at Wordshop. She was Creative Producer for Screenwriting at YuTV (which includes Yu, Disney, and MUZ) for four years. She worked on the first two seasons of “Ship”, as well as “With Wings”, which will premiere in November of 2014.


Event Schedule

18:00–19:30: Analysis of “Silicon Valley”

19:30–20:30: question and answer session, open discussion

20:30–22:00: informal networking at Progress Bar


This is a free event. Pre-registration is required for entry.


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