Archtypes: sitcom characters

October 21, 2014, 19:30 master class

On October 21st at 19:30, Digital October and Wordshop will present a new master class aimed at the authors of online entertainment content, as well as those who would like to increase their professional qualifications in the fields of screenwriting and coming up with humor designed for a savvy audience. This time, we will be discussing archetypical sitcom heroes.

Archetypes are those ancient and universal symbols and prototypes that lie at the base of our culture and are handed down from generation to generation. The wicked stepmother, the good fairy, the beautiful stepdaughter, the noble thief – all of these archetypes are familiar to us from early childhood. We could round out this list with sitcom heroes: charming losers and bitches, materialistic people and womanizers, brains, morons, and many other archetypical images.

During this master class, we will discuss how to come up with sitcom characters using classic archetypes, how to divvy up dramaturgical functions between them, and how to create ensembles and love triangles.

We will examine characters from the following cult sitcoms as examples:

  • The Big Bang Theory;
  • Silicon Valley;
  • Accidentally on Purpose;
  • Modern Family;
  • The Middle;
  • Friends.


This master class will be led by:

Anna Smolnyakova, who teaches the courses “How to Write a Sitcom” at Cinemotion Lab and “Series” at Wordshop. She is also the Creative Screenwriting Producer at YuTV.


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