RailsClub’Moscow: Obie Fernandez, Ernie Miller, Jeremy Evans, and Linda Liukas at DO

September 28, 2013, 10:00 conference


On September 28 the Digital October Center hosted 12th conference for web developers working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, with community-recognized Russian and foreign specialists discussing what is new in the field as well as relevant problems and how to solve them.

The group of foreign speakers at RailsClub’Moscow 2013 includeed, among others:

  • Obie Fernandez, author of “The Rails Way” and founder of Hashrocket,
  • Linda Liukas, RailsGirls activist and author of “Hello Ruby”,
  • Ernie Miller, author of Squeel,
  • Jeremy Evans, lead developer for Sequel.

The experts’ lecture were devoted to all aspects of working with RoR projects, from design, testing, debugging, optimization for heavy traffic, and scaling to managing project groups and web project administration. You are welcome to look through the full program for the conference here.

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