RailsClub Moscow 2014

September 27, 2014, 10:00 conference

RailsClub Moscow 2014 will take place on September 27th in an intimate conference room at the Digital October Center.

The RailsClub conference is the biggest Ruby event of the year. For several years now, it has brought together the finest ROR developers from all over Russia, famous speakers from all over the world, and the most fascinating discussion topics.

The program will feature:

Aaron Patterson, a member of the Ruby and Rails core team, currently its number one contributer, and Ruby Hero 2010. He's the one who determines the way in which the language will evolve, and is an incredibly charismatic speaker. It's not for nothing that we told Aaron how much he would like Moscow (you can see for yourself here). The topic of his speech is still under negotiation.

Bozhidar Batsov, CTO at Tradeo, author of Rubycop, and editor of the Ruby and Rails style guides.

The Elements of Style in Ruby

This speech will offer a definition for style, teach you the difference between good and bad style, and tell you how to maintain a consistent coding style. Bozhidar will also discuss how style and language are related and how styles evolve in the Ruby Style Guide community.

Jonas Nicklas, author of the Capybara testing framework and popular libraries Pundit, Turnip, and CarrierWave. Ruby Hero 2011.

Concurrent Systems in Ruby

Jonas will discuss how Ruby is changing for the better in terms of how it handles concurrency, which is a weak spot for many high-traffic projects. He will demonstrate several different options, including the traditional mutex/condition variable combo, node-style evented IO, Clojure-style compare-and-set, and Erling-style actors. He will show you how these can be used within the context of Ruby and how Ruby offers a wider variety of options in comparison with other platforms.

Erik Michaels-Ober, participant in RailsAdmin, Thor, and Twitter gem open-source projects. Ruby Hero 2014 and developer for SoundCloud Berlin.

Writing Fast Ruby

Productivity is unbelievably important. Even if Ruby isn’t the fastest language, we can still do a lot to optimize our code’s productivity. Eric will offer overviews of various techniques for speeding up code and working more efficiently with memory.

Sandi Metz, author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby, recipient of the Ruby Hero Award 2013.

All the Little Things

There’s a great divide between OOP theory and practice. Many apps contain huge classes made up of lengthy methods and clumsy conditions. They’re hard to understand, inconvenient to use more than once, and very expensive to change. In this presentation, Sandy will take an ugly piece of code with a number of conditions and rewrite it so that it contains only a few simple objects. Meanwhile, audience members will learn easy-to-comprehend strategies that anyone can use to improve his or her code.

Presentations will be offered in English and accompanied by high-quality simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

The Russian-language program is still under construction.

We’ve also decided to change up the format so that, in addition to the standard half-hour-long presentations, we will also be offering the opportunity to participate in a series of lightning talks: five-minute tech presentations in which you will be able to provide an overview of your methodological assets or valuable tools or showcase your open-source project.


In addition to presentations, the event will feature:

  • Lots of professional networking
  • Delicious food and high-grade coffee
  • Fun activities hosted by sponsors and organizers during the breaks
  • A red-hot afterparty that will offer you the chance to mingle with fellow participants and speakers in an informal setting.


Join the fun, you won’t be sorry!
Until August 1st, tickets will cost 7500 rubles.
After that, they will be 9000 rubles.
Get your ticket now!


Project partners:
General Sponsor: TopTal
Gold Sponsor: Bookmate
Organizers: Evrone and Undev
Event Space: Digital October


119072, Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, str.3

+7 (495) 003–16–16
+7 (985) 766–19–25